The Art of Facial Makeup in Peking Opera

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The Art of Facial Makeup in Peking Opera


By Vivian Xiao - 20180518


The year of 2018 marks the 10th anniversary of Silk Art Creative Park (also briefly called “SAC Park”). On the occasion of Shenzhen Cultural and Creative Industry Expo, SAC Park conducted colorful activities on the theme of Intangible Cultural Heritage, such as theme symposium, Chi-pao Fashion Show, Creative Marketplace and Peking Opera Performance.



On the opening ceremony, a stunning Chi-pao Fashion Show is held to mark the occasion. The curator of SAC Chi-pao Exhibition Hall and intangible cultural heritage masters of China joined together to present three collections of Chi-pao masterworks—Dragon & Phoenix (for prosperity and good fortune), Jiangxin Jiangcai (for dedicated craftsmanship) and Jinxiu Nishang (for creative weaving techniques). These collections embody classic features of silk clothing along with creative painting and dyeing process of Chi-pao tailoring.



On the catwalk, the texture and color of silk-made Chi-pao are echoed by facial makeup and hairdressing of super models, bringing out the best in their dignified and graceful personality.


On the last day of the expo, SAC Park witnessed extraordinary Peking Opera performances. Audiences indulged in Peking Opera classics such as “Farewell My Concubine”, “Peony Pavilion”, “Sister Jiang”, “Wu Gupo”, “Susan Left Hongtong County” and others. Enthusiasts lost themselves in characters’ life, mood and emotions conveyed by artists’ distinctive facial makeup and costumes, wonderful singing and professional performance.



Known as the “quintessence of China”, Peking Opera is one of the most representative and inherent Chinese cultural heritage. It has been selected as representative list of World Intangible Cutural Heritage in 2010.  


Peking Opera features four main types of performers—Sheng (生), Dan (旦), Jing (净), Chou (丑). Performers adhere to a variety of stylistic conventions that help audiences navigate the plot of the production. With elaborate and colorful costumes, performers use the skills of speech, song, dance and combat in movements that are symbolic and suggestive, rather than realistic. Above all else, the skill of performers is evaluated according to the beauty of their movements. The music of Peking Opera can be divided into the Xipi and Erhuang styles. The layers of meaning within each movement must be expressed in time with music.

Facial makeup and costumes play a significant role in Peking Opera performances. Especially facial makeup, it has a value of symbol and reveals the soul of the character. Certain colours are used to cover completely the face and to emphasize qualities and imperfections. It is minutely executed according to rules of the kind.

Peking Opera facial makeup has formed complete standards of art system. Only in this way can realize the solemnity of Tsingyi (青衣), the beauty of Huadan(花旦), and the valiant of Wudan(武旦).



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