How should adults reminisce past childhood on Children’s Day?

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How should adults reminisce past childhood on Children’s Day?


By Vivian Xiao on June 10, 2018



It’s June. The day for children arrives. International Children’s Day was celebrated around the world. On this day, children don’t go to school and they are allowed to play without homework trouble.


What the day is about?

International Children’s Day dates back to 1925 when the world community got together in Geneva, Switzerland to talk about the well being of children.

In November 1949 when the congress of Women International Democratic Federation (also known as WIDF) was held in Moscow, the Soviet Union led the call for a date to draw attention to child issues and pushed for the publication of modern children’s books with illustrations.

The date was finally decided on June 1st since 1950. International Children’s Day is originally called International Day for Protection of Children, observed in many countries as Children's Day. The day is also dedicated to grieve for children who died and suffered from German reprisal in the village of Lidice, now in the Czech Republic, in June 1942 on orders from Adolf Hitler. It is established to raise awareness about child rights and well being. Hundreds of events are set to take place across the globe to celebrate childhood and get people talking about the issues affecting children at the moment – and how to solve them.


However, the date is also completely separate to Universal Children’s Day, which was established by the United Nations in 1956 for similar reasons but is held instead on November 20. It is also separate to International Missing Children’s Day, which was held a few days ago on May 25.


How do people mark the date?

Generally the date is dedicated to raising awareness of issues affecting children with speeches about child welfare, wellbeing and rights as well as many events celebrating childhood. In the Ukraine, some communities hold baby races where babies crawl their way to the finish line. The races are usually part of the country’s ‘Baby Drive’. In Bulgaria there are musical parades with children encouraged to take part and play instruments. In North Korea, children dress up to celebrate as well as children donning tradition dress in Afghanistan. Meanwhile there are loads of events all over Russia geared towards children with games and activities such as giant sandpits and in Cambodia prisoners are able to see their children as well as food being given to young offenders. Closer to home, in Cambridge, there is a fancy dress event with parachute play, crafts and sports.

 In China, children don’t go to school and give performances on the day. They are allowed to buy toys, food and others which they always wanted but prohibited by parents. Of course, there are still some children who spend the day with crying because of going too far.



At what age is a person considered a child?

Legally, 18 is the age recognized by most societies as adulthood. That means people under 18 is still a child.

However, in real life, the age of 0-14 would be considered as childhood. People under 14 are pre-schoolers or at primary stage. They are very young.

Do people entering adulthood have no right to enjoy the special day any more? Of course not. Adults do don’t play games to celebrate the special day, but to purchase animation-related collections, memorable but over-budget childhood favorites.

Animation films are milestone of childhood, animated world always remind you of treasure memory as a child.


There are a large variety of cartoon images: 1) adorkable ones such as pink piggy Mcdull, plump and cute Mashimaro, well-known robotic cat Duoraemon, pink kitty Hello Kitty, Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf (or Happy Lamb and Grey Wolf, 喜羊羊与灰太狼), Briar and Bramble in Boonie Bears, US Brown Bear, B. Duck, yellow Minion, as well as household names Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck; 2) sporty and inspirational types like The Prince of Tennis, Slam Dunk, Astro Boy (Mighty Atom in Japan) etc.; 3) Portrays of pretty ladies: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Betty Boop, Wonder Woman and others; 4) Light and elegant style: Cinderella, Frozen and the kind.

In the past, manga (also known as cartoon or animation ) is a byword of toddlers and low-age. Nowadays, Manga extends its step into adulthood. It still themes fairy tales, but stories has ascended from fairy tales to adulthood fables which are suitable for both young and old alike in the aspects of character setting, story line and world view.

Take “Frozen” for example. It is a 2013 American 3D computer-animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. It not only boasts typical features of Disney animation film like aesthetic and delicate pictures and motions, but a milestone in conveying positive values to the world as well. The animated breakthrough makes profound impact on its commercial system. Apart from the musical fantasy film, the Amercian animated comedy film “Zootopia” and Makoto Shinkai’s romantic fantasy drama film “Your Name” are successful animation masterpieces with adulthood tendency.



The adulthood tendency of Animated world originated from characteristics of the times.

This is an era of “Internet Plus”. Internet access is ubiquitous nationwide and worldwide. Individuals are easy to connect to the Internet using computer terminals, computers and other devices. It becomes possible for people, young and old, to share anime culture such as manga, comic and games along with animated drama and movies. The ACGN theme portal website is a successful transit between animated world and real world. Statistics from Disney and Forbes show, among the audience of animation film Frozen, female at the age of 18-39 years old is majority.

According to 2015 China’s ACGN Mobile Gaming report, China’s ACGN mobile gaming market burgeoned in 2014. It grew rapidly throughout 2015 at a rate of over 150% and gained 1.38 billion Yuan in revenue. The market will maintain strong growth momentum and continue to outgrow the overall mobile gaming market. An integrated pan-entertainment ecosystem boosts the growth of the ACGN sector, and ACGN user base expands and core players increase their purchasing power. 

Nowadays, investors capitalize on the fan economy of animation IP works, which produces an enormous consumption to animation-related merchandise. The fan economy refers to a new business operation model that seeks to profit from fans' devotion to celebrities and animated favorites.Most of animation IP masterpieces launched merchandise accessories such as key chains, Smart Card for public transportation, credit card covers etc. Some of them initiated crossover cooperation with big brands in the fields of handbags, cosmetics, beauty industry.

Doraemon, an adorable blue fat robotic cat, is a childhood dream for everyone. He is right there when you need him. Whenever and wherever we see its images, a collection of this blue favorite becomes a must-have.



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