Win or Lose, Your Chance & Your Experience!

Win or lose, the PK’s is a real experience to learn from other seniors and improve yourselves as well as your chance to find clients and get more orders.

KONCAI Passes Company Culture through a Duanwu Gathering

On the occasion of Dragon Boat Festival, KONCAI wish you all a life with fragrant and sweet flavor like Zongzi, wish you a career with flexibility and competitiveness like dragon boat racing.

KONCAI Elite Team: The one who never gives up until success!

Lianhua Mountain is a hot spot for casual hiking in Shenzhen. Because the altitude is not high, it is far less difficult than some other mountains. You can enjoy the mountaineering fun, not too tired.

2nd Live Show challenges Hot Super September

4th Live Show on September 15th

Hot Super September Live Trade Show

Hot Super September, 3rd Live Trade Show

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY #IWD2020 #EachforEqual March 8, 2020

Best wishes to all the lovely women happy holidays!